Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things Are Cooking!

Wow! Where did summer go? It seems only a short time ago everyone was excited to see the last day of school and here we are, heading back! I hope everyone has had a fun, safe and relaxing summer.

There will be lots of new and exciting things happening at Cove this year. From what I hear it is not only with the children’s programs but with the adults also. I would like to encourage you to stop in and see if there is a program that might interest you.

Yours in Christ,

August 17th will be our church picnic! Kayla is planning some fun activities and games for the children. I’m sure this day will be full of fun and fellowship!

The children’s handbell choir will practice on Monday, September 15 and Monday September 22 from 6:30-7. The children will perform on Tuesday, September 23 at 7pm. Cove is hosting the UOVP meeting that evening and we will perform for them.

Children’s Recorders will start in September! I have had several tell me they are interested however I have only had one person turn in an order for their recorder. I would like to have all these by September 7th (Rally Day) so that we can get started with them.

Rally Day has been set for September 7th! This year Cove will be the GOOD SOIL GARDEN CENTER! Cove will provide the soil, God has planted us, the seeds, here at Cove now let’s see how our faith can grow! What a start we get with Sunday School! Rally Day will begin at 9:30 and we will meet in Fellowship Hall. Bring a packet of seeds and your Bible!

Sunday School will follow a new schedule this year. We will meet in Fellowship Hall at 9:30 for an opening, classes from 9:45-10:45 and back to the hall for a closing at 10:45. This is to include ALL classes, children and adults. We will be doing some attendance prizes by class and by individuals, along with some skits and/or songs to start our day.

Our children’s Christmas program has been set for December 14th! We will start practices for this on October 1st. We will follow a Wednesday schedule from 6-7 throughout the months of October and November.

The children’s Christmas ADVENTure will be held on December 13th! We will have an all day Advent program for the children that will be structured to that of a 1 day VBS program. I WILL need help with this so please let me know if you can help! Parents, this is an opportunity for you to do any last minute holiday preparations or just enjoy a day TOGETHER! More information will follow.

Welcome aboard to Kristen Palavis and her new group KRIS CROSS! If you haven’t seen the new stick ministry you really need to stop in and see what it’s all about!

We have our puppets now we need some puppeteers! If this is something you might be interested in please let me know. I will be scheduling some days to practice and get together a small skit. This can be children, teens, and adults! There is also a great Puppet Ministry weekend in Columbus October 17 and 18. I know Mason and I will be going since we enjoyed the last one so much! If you think you might be interested in joining us, let me know. If we get 6 people to go we get a group rate of $26 per person, plus hotel and food. I will be making reservations on October 1st for this so don’t delay! You must be 8 years old to attend.

SLIME TIME! We are planning a childrens event that is an all day program followed by a Halloween Party! Guess what…I NEED HELP!!! Let me know if you can help with this program.

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