Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art Work from the Week End

Below are some of the pictures drawn by the children on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

The Burning Bush, Jacob Edwards

Jesus and the Woman, Leah Hinchee

The Burning Bush, Casey Krofchek

Jesus and the Woman, Arden Minor

Jesus and the Woman, Ben Minor

The Burning Bush, Maggie Rudiger

The Burning Bush, Tucker Smith

Showing Thanks, Summer Wesie


Ed said...

Nice job dad. Even though its April 5,2012,8:46 it will not change how much you do for us,your friends and this church. A lot of people take it for granted but they should't because you deserve it. If you are reading this please be gentle with him. He is a very good person and dad. You have a right to be nice to him. You don't know how much he does for you. So have him in your heart for now and always. You should have three people in your mind,heart,and family. Those people are God,Jesus,and last but not least my dad Ed Rudiger. But I forgot about The Holy Spirt. I love you all.

Maggie Rudiger

Ed said...

You rock
Maggie Rudiger